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Career counselling is the process of understanding and assessing another individual’s concerns, strengths, interests, and capabilities, in order to guide them towards the right career path. Career counselling helps to assess the development of career paths from time to time. It helps you to understand your own goals and share them confidently. We’re working to make people aware of their inherent strengths and weaknesses, and to help them identify their hidden talents in a variety of ways so that they can work with their true potential with courage and enjoy working in the profession they choose. Methods like DMI test, psychometric test, career counseling, and IQ level test. You can search the LEENSPIRE BRAINHUNT DMIT Lab for all those services. 

Our process

Psychometric Test
The word Psychometric is
actually the combination of two
words- Psyche (mind) and Metric (measurement related).
DMI Test
DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) is a biometric
analysis based on the scientific
study of fingerprints. 
IQ Level Test
An IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test is a test that is used to determine people’s cognitive abilities, as well as assess people’s intellectual levels and potential.

Know your inborn talent in you.