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Are you planning for your future career? The LEENSPIRE BRAINHUNT DMIT Lab is always at your service to be your friend for your secure future career life and to solve all your career-related problems.


Career planning refers to counseling provided by career counselors that helps individuals choose a suitable career, a peaceful and desirable workplace based on their interests, skills, and abilities. The main purpose of a career plan is to help students choose a field that prioritizes their own skills and abilities where they can best fit the work environment.

In Leenspire Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a multi-service group where you can get many of your desired services under one umbrella. We offer everything from home appliance services to manpower services, & also career planning, dermatoglyphic multiple intelligence testing (DMIT) centers, and e-commerce which comes under LEENSPIRE BRAINHUNT DMIT Lab.


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Career counselling helps to assess the development of career paths from time to time. It helps you to understand your own goals and share them confidently and help to identify your hidden talents in a variety of ways.

DMI Test

DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) is a biometric analysis based on the scientific study of fingerprints.

Psychometric Test

The word Psychometric is actually
the combination of two words- Psyche (mind) and Metric (measurement related).

IQ Level Test

An IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test is a test that is used to determine people’s cognitive abilities, as well as assess people’s intellectual levels,

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We strongly believe that everyone is born with inborn talent and multiple intelligence. If one is able to identify his/her inborn talent then he/she can build upon it and can surely excel in life.